First webinar of 2018 highlights new and exciting HPA2 innovations

Locata’s first webinar in 2018 focused on recent developments to HPA2 – our homelessness system that has been improved and upgraded to meet all the requirements of the Homelessness Reduction Act.

The new system is currently being tested by our Trial Group of practitioners made up of 30 homelessness officers from 12 local authority housing schemes.

The webinar was held on February 8, 2018 and was run by Peter Riley and Iain Silverton from Locata. It was viewed by homelessness officers from around the country.

The on-line demonstration highlighted the latest innovations from our development team to HPA2 and included modifications and adaptations suggested by the Trial Group.

The webinar focused on:

  • Updated Officer Dashboard
  • Updated Manager dashboard
  • Improvements to the Triage/case management wizard process
  • Address lookups & Address Base
  • Advice only case task added
  • Reviews process
  • AG letter templates
  • PHP creation and management
  • Create TA tenancy screen
  • TA rent accounts

If you missed the webinar, but are keen to see the latest developments, you can view a full recording of the webinar by following the link below.

View webinar of 8/2/18

Our next webinar will be on March 8, starting at 10.30am. If you would like to attend and view the final innovations to the system, please register by following this link.

Our previous webinars in 2017 showed how the Personalised Housing Plans will work online through a customer portal as well as all the upgraded reporting for H-CLIC, including functionality allowing direct online upload to the MHCLG.

You can view recordings of those previous webinars by following this link

Webinar Q & A

As before, the webinar on February 8 allowed those attending to send us questions as the presentations developed. Those questions have now been answered and are set out below.

Q: Do Andy Gale templates re PHP – come loaded in the system?

A: Yes, we have loaded Andy’s PHP and letter templates into the system as standard.

Q: Can you go in and edit the letters?

A: Yes, all letter templates are editable, you will also have the ability to create your own letter/email; templates. If you have existing templates, they can be copied and pasted in as well

Q: With the letters will you be able to edit save and then go back to them? So, in effect saving a draft?

A: Yes, it’s possible to save a letter and go back to edit it up until the point that it’s created as a pdf and stored in the journal.

Q: Will the TA units be listed in alphabetical order to make searching much easier?

A: The order of TA units can be ordered by Landlord, Address, type (B&B etc..) and the number of bedrooms

Q: Will we need to transfer existing cases in TA into HPA2?

A: For existing customers, existing TA tenancies will be transferred automatically

Q: Under Review option is there an outcome such as Upheld, Overturned?

A: There is a free text box where this information can be recorded. We will discuss adding a dropdown list with our development partners

Q: Is this webinar available as a recording so I can hear it at a later date?

A: The recording of this webinar is available at the button above (View webinar of 8/2/18)

Q: Is it possible to get a link for the previous webinar to get a better understanding of the triage function as we weren’t part of that webinar?

A: Previous recordings of webinars in 2017 are available here

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