Latest feature updates to your LocataPro systems

Over the last few months, we have introduced many new features to HPA2 and other products on the LocataPro platform.

This news story is a round-up of the changes – most of which are already live or are about to go live.

Repeatable Task dropdowns

Repeatable tasks are very useful for tasks requiring multiple completions. We have now enhanced the tool even further, so that when there are multiple tasks of the same name, they organise into a drop-down with the most recent of these tasks at the top.

This is how it looks.

This new feature will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks to all sites and will work on all modules within the LocataPro platform.

Deleting questions

You can now choose to delete elements and fields. Previously, you could remove these elements from the task but it was not possible to delete them outright.

You’ll be prompted to confirm you definitely want to delete this element. Any element that is deleted is truly gone and it won’t be possible to report on that element anymore – so please do utilise caution when choosing to delete elements.

Sharing elements between modules

It is now possible to choose to add elements from other modules into the current module you’re using. This is really useful when you want to align systems.

An additional benefit is that if you hold any information against a field on Module A, and then export that client to Module B, any data on fields that exist on both modules will export to Module B.

This will save time and prevent the need for duplication, as it removes the need to copy data between modules manually.

You can then choose which system, and the area of that system, that you’d like to import questions from.

You can even use this tool to import certain fields within the system – for example if you have our TA – Plus or TA – Rent Accounting bolt-ons for HPA2 this feature can import questions held on the case to those sections of the system.

Sending completed correspondence via an email template

When we last rolled out an update to the Andy Gale decision letter templates, a few clients asked us if we could roll out an equivalent set of email templates.

Our concern with this request was that it effectively doubles the number of templates required to maintain.

So, we have come up with an alternative solution allowing you to attach completed Letters to your Email templates.

We’ve created a helpsite article to explain how to do this. Please follow this link.

Permissions updates

The User Permissions page on HPA2 has been updated.

You can now manage Lettings permissions from HPA2 and other modules on the LocataPro platform.

These permissions also now show in collapsible form, allowing you to more easily differentiate permissions between modules.

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