SSO offers smooth and speedy access to systems

We can now offer all schemes the ability to set up Single Sign On (SSO) authentication for users to access their Locata systems. 

This is considered the most convenient way to authenticate system users as it does not require multiple verification processes.

If your organisation uses an authentication service, such as Microsoft Azure AD, to authorise access to internal systems then Locata can seamlessly integrate with it.

Officers will then automatically log into the CBL, HPA or HRS back office with all the relevant Locata permissions using their corporate username and password.

We recently offered all schemes an alternative verification process called two-factor authentification (2FA).

Both methods are increasingly common across organisations requiring secure access to their IT systems.

However, there are a few advantages to switching to the Single Sign On (SSO) model, including: 

If you are interested and want to discuss costs and implementation please email us direct at

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