HCLIC API and other great enhancements

We have rolled out several new enhancements to the system, most are already live and the others are coming very soon.

The enhancements to the tasks and questions screens will make configuring your bespoke workflows simpler across the platform.

Task Management Enhancements

Task Management
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Confidential Journal Notes

We’ve made a change to how Journal Categories work. Now, if you opt to restrict a Journal Category to a specific role, only users with this role assigned to them can:

This means you can use journal categories to restrict access to certain notes, such as creating a “Confidential” category type. Again this is across the whole LocataPro platform 

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Hiding “Retired” Fields for Attribute Questions 

We have configured the attribute (dropdown) type questions, so that retired HCLIC answers are no longer selectable which in turn will reduce HCLIC errors. However the answers are still available to report on.

HRS Referral Process 

New configurable tasks have been added to the point of referring a client into support. Super users can add whatever additional questions/information they need to this pop up.

HRS Permissions – Waitlist, Refer and Support 

Increased control over the actions within the module with the additions of “Add HRS Client to Waiting List”, “Assign HRS Client to Provider” and “Start HRS Support”

Financial Assessment Calculated Elements 

The Financial Assessment task group has been built in a way to be reflective of the Standard Financial Statement, a tool which money advisers across England utilise. It is not part of the standard system features and is therefore available for a small cost – if you would like to know more please email enquiries@locata.org.uk

Income and expenditure
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Increased SMS Template Size 

This will allow more characters in a text whilst sending as 1 message. This has doubled from 160 to 320 characters

H-CLIC API (Validations) 

We’re really pleased to announce that the first phase of our integration with DELTA for the H-CLIC API, will be ready to present at a Webinar in January.

The main benefits of the H-CLIC API are: 

Further details about the webinar are available below, where you can also register to attend.

A feature of the improved validation process is a colour coded icon. The icon will display as orange before the validation has been run.

Red if errors have been found

And finally green when the errors have been fixed.

Changes to Age Fields (Current Age / Age on Approach) available in the HPA2 People list report 

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