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A new Helpsite & home for Knowledge Base articles
We’ve begun the process of moving to a new “LocataPro Support Portal”, containing all our Knowledge Base...
HPA2 and Delta with a bi-directional arrow
H-CLIC API integration between HPA2 and DELTA
A new HPA2 update that will allow homelessness officers the ability to validate and upload cases to DELTA...
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HCLIC API and other great enhancements
We have rolled out several new enhancements to the system, most are already live and the others are coming...
Estimating future TA needs
Councils can now estimate the size and cost of their future Temporary Accommodation (TA) need using a...
New Locata Features
Latest feature updates to your LocataPro systems
Over the last few months, we have introduced many new features to HPA2 and other products on the LocataPro...
Typing on a keyboard with a house, low rise and tower block graphic overlaid with the sign saying let
New Lettings system on show for first time
Locata’s National Users Group (NUG) saw the first demonstration of the new Lettings system at last week’s...
Funding sources list for dynamic TA dashboards
We have launched a new feature that allows officers to set up a list of funding sources for their tenancies.  The...
SSO offers smooth and speedy access to systems
We can now offer all schemes the ability to set up Single Sign On (SSO) authentication for users to access...
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