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New enhancement to solve second PHP log-in issue

We noticed that two of our partners were discussing an issue on our HPA2 Community Forum about PHP generation in Triage.

They had found that after a Triage case was completed and they had sent the customer a second PHP based on all the correct documentation the customer had to open a new Customer Portal account.

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It appears that the HPA2 system automatically resends the “create account” email when homelessness officers generate the second PHP. This effectively stops the login that had already been set up by the customer from working.

To resolve this we are going to make an enhancement to the system. This will mean that when you publish a PHP to a customer that has already set up a user account, an email will be sent saying that “Your personal housing plan has been updated” and will include a link to the log-in.

This will allow the customer to login with the original account details and take away the need to create another account whenever they receive another PHP.

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