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First live demonstration of HRACT-ready system shown at NUG

The first live demonstration of a system capable of delivering the Homelessness Reduction Act (HRACT) was shown at Locata’s National Users Group meeting on October 6.

Locata HPA2

Delegates were given a live preview of the process showing how cases, tasks and questions will work as well as the interactive customer portal around the Personal Housing Plan (PHP).

It was the largest NUG attendance ever with more than 90 local authority and other organisations representatives attending the meeting.

Peter Riley, Managing Director of Locata, explained how the delivery of the new system incorporating all the requirements of the HRACT still requires further details from Government on the H-CLIC reporting process and Code of Guidance.

“However, we are as close as we can be to the specification and are continuing to build the upgraded HPA system using the most current H-CLIC specification,” he said.

Locata’s Homelessness Prevention and Advice system was first launched a decade ago and is now being used by more than 60 local authorities.

“When we originally built the HPA system, the practitioners working with us 10 years ago knew that system flexibility would be critical,” continued Peter Riley. “We knew the system would constantly need to cope with change and easily make setup and workflow changes.

“We have carefully worked through all the implications of the HRACT and the system is fully capable of managing all the new duties and responsibilities. We don’t have to develop a new system when we have a perfectly good tried and tested one already.”

Delegates watched as the upgraded HPA2 system demonstrated live how the customer portal will show the interactions between officer and customer.

David demonstating the HPA system-NUG

The demonstration covered updating information on the PHP, editing it and answering messages sent by both officer and customer as well as setting further questions and then expanding the types of answers you require of the customer. This could be a simple yes or no up to an upload of documents from them. These all carried notifications to the officer and the customer.

Peter Riley explaining HPA approch-NUG

Online Personal Housing Plan (PHP)

The vast majority of online interaction between officers and customers are now carried out using the customer’s mobile phone.

Locata therefore also demonstrated how this will work using the Government’s Digital Standard design process as part of our Mobile First delivery strategy.

Customers and Officers can share the information they have agreed in the plan. Customers click to agree to this information or they can disagree with it. If they disagree they will have to explain why and then submit it back to the officer who can change it or inform the customer of the consequences.

Customers are also able to interact live with their own personal housing plans. They can:

  • Upload Documents
  • Mark tasks as started
  • Mark tasks as done

This is all done in real time live on the system where customers can interact with their own PHP.

HPA Mobile demo

Officers can monitor progress with customers and add questions as needed throughout the process.

These are just a four of the screens out of the many we have to help staff. We use them to support you the client, in managing the advice, prevention and relief process for your applicants.

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We provide these toolkits free for the use of local authorities as guidance only. The toolkits should not be used to reflect or form the basis of any Homelessness, Prevention and Advice software or system without the express permission of Locata Housing Services and Andy Gale.

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