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My Advice Gateway is a free resource that helps people quickly find information on claiming benefits, accessing help and support and looking for a job or training opportunities. 

Many of our partner schemes have links to the website allowing their customers to access key financial information at a time of rising costs and economic uncertainty. 

The website is supported by Locata. It has many links to authoritative advice or the precise application form a customer needs.

One key section sets out the way benefits are currently claimed and paid and explains how universal credit works and all the Government help available under the Cost of Living Support 2022.

Each section has multiple sub-sections to make it easy for the reader to find exactly what they require.

For instance, the Money & Debt section has sub-sections on Banking, Borrowing, Legal Help, Managing Debt, Money & Debt Advice, Mortgages, and Savings.

Each sub-section then has a series of articles providing all the key information in a straightforward manner with links to relevant additional material.

My Advice Gateway also provides a quick way to see what help is available from the charity sector.

Charities play a significant role in many of our essential services such as the health service, community and education, but they also provide free authoritative advice on a wide range of issues, such as providing help and support for the elderly, the disabled, those that are ill and people in need of housing help.

However, the best way to appreciate the free advice on offer is to have a play within the website yourself. Why not check it out by clicking on this link.

You might then want to consider the best way of alerting your customers to the help they can access at My Advice Gateway.

If you don’t have a link from your public website, you might like to consider adding one. Or how about amending your Action Plans to include some supporting text and a link to the website?

If you would like to know more about how My Advice Gateway works, there is more information at the Locata Help Site.

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