New Rough Sleeper Initiative features to be rolled out

We are about to roll out a new set of features to allow officers to record, monitor and manage applicants being assisted under the Rough Sleeper Initiative.

The move follows recommendations from the Locata Development Group, formed from practitioners from 22 councils. 

The update will be rolled out to all schemes next Wednesday (February 2nd) and will add the following features to HPA2: 

Homelessness officers will be able to change the case status from “Open” to “Ongoing Outreach” which will close the HRA case and open a new case type for Rough Sleepers. 

This means that officers can continue to use the HPA2 system for monitoring of non-HRA work for Rough Sleepers.

We have written a helpsite article to explain this process. 

The new Task Group for HPA2 will trigger automatically when moving a case into “Ongoing Outreach” or can be added manually if you would like to use those tasks for casework purposes before the HRA case is ready to be closed. 

We have another article to explain how to add the group of tasks manually, and how to reassign the individual tasks to the relevant user. 

The New Task Group has been set up for Local Authorities to be able to use it straight out of the box. There may however be some configurations you’d like to make to suit your local requirements. 

All schemes will be receiving this significant addition to the feature-set of HPA2 free of charge. 

We believe that this represents excellent value for money and helps highlight our commitment to the ongoing development of our systems.

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