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Accessing older versions of a customer’s PHP

Officers using HPA2 can now find previous versions of a customer’s PHP within the customer’s journal.

The requirement to be able to find earlier, and subsequently superseded, versions of the PHP was raised within the HPA2 Community Forum when an officer needed to provide a copy to the ombudsman.

The new functionality will also be useful for auditing the progress of a case.

Officers who require to look at older versions of a customer’s PHP will need to look in the customer’s journal as shown below.

PHP pic 1

We have also added a print preview icon to the Plan page, so the Plan page now has a print preview and print icon.

If you click on the print preview you will see the PDF of the PHP but nothing gets added to the journal in this preview stage.

PHP pic 2

If you click on the print icon you will see the PDF of the PHP and a journal entry will be created with that PDF in the customer’s journal.

PHP pic 3

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We provide these toolkits free for the use of local authorities as guidance only. The toolkits should not be used to reflect or form the basis of any Homelessness, Prevention and Advice software or system without the express permission of Locata Housing Services and Andy Gale.

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