H-CLIC updates and some new handy enhancements

We have rolled out three changes to the referral form and within tasks to reflect recent updated requirements for H-CLIC submissions. 

We have also used the opportunity to add some additional enhancements identified and approved by the HPA2 Development Group. 

These are the three H-CLIC changes:

This is how the new gender identity field will look in the referral form 

And this is the Main Application Details task 

This is the new gender field on the referral form 

And this is the back office People task 

Additional Development Group enhancements

As well as the H-CLIC updates to the system, we have also managed to include some enhancements that the Development Group identified as useful for HPA2 users. 

These include:

On the referral form, these fields appear after Main reason for loss of settled home and before the form summary. 

Here’s an example of this displayed in the back office. 

Please note that this field will need to be manually added into your workflow if you would like it to display.

Guidance on how to add questions can be found here  

They will also be displayed within the form within the journal so the information is accessible even if the new field isn’t added into the workflow. 

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