Turning the TAP on for greater TA efficiency

Increasing numbers of schemes have been signing up for TA – Plus (TAP) which gives officers far greater options within the core Temporary Accommodation functionality that forms part of HPA2. 

TAP is a “bolt-on” to the HPA2 module and provides an expandable workflow platform for Tenancies and Properties that can be easily customised.

This means that a local authority that has purchased the bolt-on can configure their own management functions, such as compliance certification, within their own system. 

TAP also provides HPA2 users with:

"We’ve found that TAP has helped us manage our Temporary Accommodation much more efficiently," said Richard Fowler, Business Systems Officer at North Devon, which was one of the early adopters of the bolt-on.

"We like the dedicated workload dashboard and the fact that tasks for property and tenancy records are totally configurable," he added. "It can also be used to record inspection outcomes".

"We believe we now store TA information in the most relevant place and can record and better report on our void/tenancy inspections as well as monitoring repairs against property records. And the repeatable tasks come into their own when setting up ad hoc inspections and repairs."

TAP was originally called “Enhanced TA”, but the name did not reflect the extra functionality it brings as a bolt-on (or add-on) to the HPA2 module.

Current users of TAP will be interested to note that we have recently created the ability to add both Client and Property elements into the Tenancy work flow.

This allows certain relevant information to be carried through from one tenancy to another.

Additional HPA2 developments

Thanks to a development paid for by Harrow Council, all HPA2 users now have the ability to change the landlord of an existing property. 

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