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More exciting developments from Locata

We are currently working on many interesting new products and innovative business tools.

For instance, we are now putting the MHCLG data quality reports into HPA2. Each quarter the MHCLG send you, the local authorities, the following five QA reports:

  1. Initial assessments
  2. Prevention
  3. Relief
  4. Main duty
  5. Temporary accommodation 

These reports give you the totals of what the MHCLG have received through the DELTA submission. We are going to deploy these as one click reports through the HPA2 system, so that you can check that the MHCLG has got the right data from your local authority.

Late last year before Christmas we notified all HPA2 users of several enhancements to the system. These included:

  • The ability to set the size of text boxes
  • Created a link for journals for the same applicant across Locata systems
  • Launched a “People in TA on a Particular Day” report
  • Added “Rent Account Balance” to the TA Tenancy List Report
  • Put filters on the TA property list report to allow the report to be sorted
  • Set up rent account scheduling within the TA module that allows items to be automatically added to the rent account

These enhancements had been identified and prioritised by our HPA2 Development Group – formed by practitioners from 22 homelessness teams across the country. That Development Group will be meeting again later this month to discuss the system and consider potential new enhancements. As ever, we will provide feedback from the meeting to the National Users Group later in the year.

Boosting the Lettings systems

We currently provide a wide range of lettings systems to local authorities across the country. These include Choice Based Lettings, Property Pool and Direct Lettings systems.

We are now starting to consider developing a Starter Letting system for smaller or new clients. This could possibly help some of our HPA2 customers get an integrated system with all the tailored and flexible options that come with being a Locata partner. We have had a number of requests for additional modules using the HPA2/HRS framework, but we will let you know more about them when we have completed feasibility studies into what it will take to build them.

The point is that many of our partners have been quick to spot the potential of our system framework and are coming up with exciting new ways to exploit the way we work and the products and services we can deliver for the benefit of even more officers on the ground.

Both our Homelessness Prevention and Advice system and the Housing Related Support system started in this way – from requests from our partners. Who knows where the latest requests will take us…

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We provide these toolkits free for the use of local authorities as guidance only. The toolkits should not be used to reflect or form the basis of any Homelessness, Prevention and Advice software or system without the express permission of Locata Housing Services and Andy Gale.

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